New viral beauty clip

The new video was posted on Instagram. It is all about peeling off the black spots mask. And it became popular in few seconds, viral in a few minutes, created a new trend in beauty during an hour.

The video clip was made by the girl Josie K, the young but promising beauty vlogger on the YouTube channel.

To make the show interesting she posted the process of mask removing. And it worked. According to the resent calculation, this video has watched 23 million users.

Josie says that she was inspired by numerous advertisement of this mask. She wanted to check it out, and filmed the process.

At first she had to paint the black jet goo across her face, and wait till it dries. After that she peeled the mask from her face and examined cheeks and nose.

Josie could not hide her amazement with this mask. She said that her skin was in the perfect condition, and all the blackheads on her face stacked in the mask.

The girl chose Instagram to post this only 30 second video, instead of YouTube channel. Probably, this platform will soon take away the crown from YouTube, becoming the next beauty adviser.

There are a lot of different videos with the girls testing their lipstick shades on the hand, making eyebrows thicker, etc.

The Blaq Mask owner, Ryan Channing, believes that Instagram is the best place to make advertisement for the young audience. Everyone can make there something creative, and sell the product.

Kyle Wallace
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