Online Groceries open more possibilities for Americans

American consumers will be able to enjoy fresh food with quality stamps ordering everything from online groceries.

According to the Agricultural Department the new online store will help families with the low-income to add more products to their daily ration. And vegetables and fruits that are missing at the local shop will be available online.

However, there are some concerns about the intentions of this program and its possibilities.

American agricultural officials have confirmed that the pilot of this very ambitious program soon will be activated. They have said that SNAP participants, whom we all know as the “food stamps”, will be able to sell products at the online stores. There will be a trial during the next two years, starting from this summer. Americans with the small income in 7 states will be able to order products online and to pay for them with the state benefits.

According to Tom Vilsack, it is a great possibility to all low-incomers to receive healthy food, no matter where they live. He believes that it is much easier to order products online if you live in the rural community, and don’t have access to the healthy food.

If the trial will be successful, USDA will be able to support almost 44 million USA citizens who usually receive help from SNAP with the food online.

This program will be able to help many Americans, especially those with the health problems, disabilities, and so on. However, there are a lot that have to be done before it can really work.

Logan Dawson
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