The most popular password is too easy

Lately the world came to panic with 10 millions passwords leaked by unknown hackers. However, even in the darkest day, researchers have found some benefits from it.

They have studied the most popular passwords across the world. And it is really depressing. Come on… Raise your hands those who use 123456 password? You may laugh as long as you want, but the sad truth is no matter how hard online security is trying to warn us about potential danger of easy passwords, there are millions of people who still will use 123456, trying to protect their e-mail, social media pages, etc.

According to the recent study, seven passwords from ten use the obvious sequences of numbers like 123, etc. Users who add letters to the numbers are obviously trying to make unpredictable pattern, but picking up the first letters in line on your keyboard is not the option.

Experts believe that such passwords can be hacked by anyone in few seconds.

In 2016 year not only ordinary users were hacked, but the big companies as well. Leaked passwords show the upsetting pattern and uselessness of constant reminders to make it more difficult. The seventeen percent is using 123456 password till this day.

Not so far from it came those guys who picked six numbers 1, or just typed six first letters from the upper line on the keyboard.

Even machine can easily pick the most common variations and find the right password. Random numbers shows that they were used by bots to create new accounts in the system.

Chance Hudson
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