Trainer of the biggest loser shares few secrets

Trainer from the Biggest Loser show Tiffiny Hall believes that the last five kilos is very easy to drop if you have a goal. Still, it can be hard for you, if you have already lost your track, looking at the positive results you have already achieved.

Her main advice is to change the usual schedule of your fitness program. You will need to shock your body with something new. If there will be new challenge, your body will make big progress.

So, what do you need to do?

  • Try the interval training. They are very popular nowadays, and trainers believe that it is good, because they are extremely effective. It will give you good afterburn so you will feel like you are training the whole day.
  • It is fun, it is best for your heart cardio, and it can protect you everywhere. Practice your punches at home, while you are sitting at the empty office.
  • Swap your latte on 200 calorie for the juice. It will open more perspectives for you.
  • If you have a habit to eat because you don’t have much to do, or you think you will not have other time to take a snack, forget about it. Wait for your normal schedule, even if you are working at home, when temptation is tense. If you feel that you need this snack try to jump near your desk for ten minutes. This will help your body to feel it does not need anything.
Kyle Wallace
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